Lit San Leandro was conceived of by Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, a San Leandro resident, and CEO and founder of OSIsoft, one of the City’s largest employers. This project offers an opportunity to revolutionize San Leandro’s telecommunications infrastructure, positioning the City to be a major player in the high-tech and clean-tech economies. On March 2, 2012, Lit San Leandro went live, with the first piece of fiber being activated, connecting its first building to the fiber optic network. As of August, 2012, the vast majority of the loop has been installed and is operational.

Our Management Team

Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy (photo)
Lit San Leandro was created by Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, Founder and CEO of local software company OSIsoft. Under Dr. Kennedy’s visionary leadership, OSIsoft has grown from a small software startup in 1980 to a highly profitable global corporation. Prior to founding the company, Dr. Kennedy worked as a research engineer for Shell Development Company and as an applications consultant for Taylor Instrument Company.



Jim Morrison, CEOJim Morrison is the CEO of Lit San Leandro. Mr. Morrison has a long history in wireless voice and data communication systems, ranging from Tier 1 wireless networks to monitoring and multi-technology distributed antenna systems, for companies including SBC, Metricom, Sprint-Nextel, and Tripower Group.

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