San Leandro Transit Center

Bringing new business and jobs to San Leandro through urban renewal.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s San Leandro civic leaders designed and built the infrastructure to attract manufacturers including food processing, glass, assembly, foundries, chemicals and lumber. The city had excellent water, power, gas, rail, and freeways but most importantly it had the vision to vote for bonds to build its own sewer plant. The approach worked and, until the 1970’s, the economy of San Leandro flourished including big names like Caterpillar and Peterbuilt. Since that time, businesses have downsized, closed or moved from the Bay Area in search of low labor costs, cheap raw material, minimal regulation, low cost land and tax breaks. The result is an abundance of well-located, relatively affordable but underutilized property. This provides the City of San Leandro, technology-oriented companies, and private investors with an opportunity to affordably re-invigorate ourselves with the next generation of industrial businesses.

These new industries will require additional infrastructure to leverage communications technologies including fiber optic cable (e.g. Smart Grid, the San Leandro Fiber Loop, long haul carriers and dark fiber), ready access to software programmers and designers, and computing capability (e.g. data centers, cloud services) to create an urban manufacturing environment. These new service industries and manufacturing will both bring in new people, assets and value. Manufacturing is and will remain the source of jobs for a large segment of the population – perhaps not as people intensive as before but still significant. A wide range of new businesses start up every year but in San Leandro, we can especially leverage the people assets of the Bay Area, along with plentiful land, power and water. Clean Tech, software and businesses not yet envisioned will have a high probability of leveraging technology. We have already seen service businesses like EBay and Amazon rise to large size–along with manufacturing such as the Toyota/Tesla joint venture, and battery, flywheel, fuel cell, water treatment and other industries in which the software component is a significant part of the assembly.

It is the job of Urban Development to make this easy.

The Lit San Leandro Project

Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, founder of local software company OSIsoft LLC, has taken the lead to modernize the digital infrastructure in City of San Leandro–partly for OSIsoft’s operational needs and partly for the economic development of San Leandro. OSIsoft is the Loop’s first customer.

This project will provide the essential elements of a communications infrastructure that, when combined with traditional infrastructure, is critical to businesses that make and sell products to add value and create jobs. This investment will require minimal public investment and will ensure that OSIsoft, one of the largest employers and highest payrolls in San Leandro (and growing), will remain in San Leandro. Additionally, it helps to provide the foundation necessary to attract a new generation of companies to San Leandro, specifically software, technology and green-tech companies that may have a manufacturing component.

A Public-Private Partnership

San Leandro Dark Fiber (logo)Lit San Leandro and San Leandro Dark Fiber LLC comprise the private partnership that work with the City of San Leandro to create the Fiber Loop. San Leandro Dark Fiber owns the fiber optic cable that runs through the City’s underground conduit. Lit San Leandro owns and operates the switch and routing facilities that bring lightning-fast Internet service to our community.