We received thanks and recognition from the San Leandro Unified School District and Board of Education!

OSIsoft + Lit San Leandro receiving awards
In deep appreciation for your generosity and support in providing our students with 21st century skills.

Jim Morrison, Lit San Leandro Chief Executive Officer; Dr. Patrick Kennedy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, and Mike Kennedy, OSIsoft, received plaques from the Superintendent and Board of Education in recognition of their partnership generous donation to provide SLUSD students with 21st century skills needed for college and career.

Superintendent Mike McLaughlin and the Board of Education honored OSIsoft’s Dr. Patrick Kennedy, his son Mike Kennedy, and Lit San Leandro’s Jim Morrison for their generous donation of over $600,000 to San Leandro Unified School District, and their help in securing a $5 million Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB). The QZAB program provides schools interest free loans that may be used for renovating school buildings, purchasing equipment, and/or developing curricula.  “QZAB requires a private ten percent contribution,” said Dr. McLaughlin, who expressed the district’s gratitude to the generosity of OSIsoft and Lit San Leandro who provided the match and spent countless hours in developing a contribution that would best support the students of the district.  He also noted that while Dr. Kennedy was abroad, his son Mike stepped in and worked with the district’s IT Department and bond counsel, in order to ensure that the contributions would satisfy the legal requirements.

The QZAB funding will support the technological infrastructure needed for Science, Engineering, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) Academies at San Leandro High School, and Bancroft and Muir Middle Schools, with $1.2 million in modernization at San Leandro High School, $1.5 million at Bancroft, and $652,991 at Muir. Another $1.6 million will support technology needs, such as equipment, servers and switches, and connecting to the fiber optic loop.

It’s fantastic that we got these beautiful awards. The real beneficiaries of connecting the schools to our fiber loop will be the students. Kudos are shared with our community!

We are thrilled to be part of Zero Net Energy Center’s “Two Momentous Occasions” on November 6th.

  1. The first is the Center’s one-year milestone. Congratulations to a hard working team of people!
  2. The second occasion is driving a virtual Golden Spike to complete Lit San Leandro’s Fiber Optic Expansion. Congratulations to everyone in the City of San Leandro!

Please join us for the celebrations by sending an RSVP to Darlene Besst. Continue reading

Our fair city is nationally recognized for developing our technology- and innovation-based ecosystem, due in large part to our state-of-the-art fiber optic Internet connection–our fiber loop. Last week on October 9, we were visited by U.S. Congressman and Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer and Congresswoman Barbara Lee to tour the fascinating parts of West Gate (now called The Gate) and give kudos to Pat Kennedy, Mayor Stephen Cassidy, Copper Harbor Company, Type A Machines, and others who are increasingly part of the foundation of our new ecosystem.

Pat Kennedy, Mayor Stephen Cassidy, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Congressman Steny Hoyer and others at The Gate
Photo credit: Mayor Cassidy’s Facebook page

San Jose Mercury News has a great story by Rebecca Parr:

San Leandro entices tech startups, entrepreneurs

SAN LEANDRO — This small town between Oakland and Hayward is coming out of the downturn like few places around, attracting tech startups, artists and brewers to a onetime traditional industrial hub.

“San Leandro is embracing change for the first time in decades,” said Deborah Acosta, the city’s first innovation officer.

The boom is the result of a happy convergence of action and resources — available long-vacant or underused manufacturing sites; a businessman who financed a fiber optic loop in city-owned conduit and the city jumping into a public-private partnership with him, the first of its kind in the Bay Area; and using broadband to lure tech firms.

Here’s a link to the full article (San Jose Mercury News), and also here (Inside Bay Area Business).

Photo from The Gate: Espen (Type A Machines) and Dave (The Gate)
Espen Sivertsen CEO of Type A Machines a company that makes desktop 3-D printers and David Holley property manager of The Gate innovation center, from left, pose for a photograph in San Leandro, Calif., Friday, July 25, 2014. San Leandro is looking to turn things around with the new innovation center that has attracted tech start-ups, artists and a brewery. (Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group)

The radio program Marketplace ran a nice story by Aaron Mendelson about San Leandro in their Tech section today.

Wannabe tech cities need angel investors, too

The suburb of San Leandro sits just east of Oakland, California, within striking distance of San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Underneath the city lies a loop of ultrafast fiber optic cable known as Lit San Leandro. Data speeds through these cables about 2,000 times faster than a typical internet hookup.

The cable exists because of one guy: Pat Kennedy.

Kennedy runs OSIsoft, a company based in San Leandro. A few years ago, he was looking to expand, but he wanted the kind of infrastructure he saw in towns like Palo Alto. So he put down $3 million of his own money to make it happen in his backyard.

“The reason I did it is that I’ve actually been a 40-year resident of San Leandro,” Kennedy says.

It became clear to him that industrial cities like his were never going to be top picks for things like broadband or fiber. “We’re really going to suffer as a result,” Kennedy says.

Here’s the link to the full story and broadcast.