Offering state-of-the-art fiber optic Internet connections to businesses.

Who will benefit?

Lit San Leandro is focused on attracting world-class businesses to San Leandro, CA and providing one of the most critical tools to enable their success in the futureā€”an ultra-high bandwidth infrastructure that will exceed today’s needs and enable tomorrow’s.

What types of business scenarios will be able to make the most use of this? Click on the categories below to see some examples.

Media and Entertainment Media & Entertainment
Video, audio, photos and more; Consumer to professional. There is an insatiable and growing need for bandwidth across all media types to support large files and increased volume. Read more…
Communication Communications
From traditional telecommunications to VoIP, teleconferencing, sharing large files and webinars, communications is one of the most obvious uses for high-bandwidth fiber. Read more…
Disaster Recovery Security & Disaster Recovery
In today’s connected and distributed world, securing your data and being prepared for disasters is mandatory and getting more sophisticated by the day. Read more…
Business Productivity Business Productivity
Modern infrastructure is critical for almost any business, but new efforts must support making businesses more effective and productive or the efforts could be wasted. Read More…
Geography Geographic Expansion & Outsourcing
As businesses grow through geographic expansion, size (multiple facilities) and take advantage of outsourcing opportunities, reliable and fast infrastructure is paramount. Read more…

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