Just how fast is fast?

The Lit San Leandro urban redevelopment project is bringing the latest in high speed fiber optics. What do we mean by that?

The Speed of Fiber

fiberThe dark fiber loop uses a 288 strand single mode fiber cable. Our main switch, an ADVA FSP 3000, lights up the fiber with Internet connectivity for local service providers. We are currently offering 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps) through 10 channels, each of 10 Gbps service. In other words, it is fast.

Check out our speed chart to compare how long it takes to transfer a typical DVD over various services.

Optical fibers are widely used in high-capacity communications, which permits transmission over longer distances and at higher bandwidth (data rates) than other forms of communication. Fibers are used instead of metal wires because signals travel along them with less loss, and they are immune to electromagnetic interference–the laser equipment is much faster than that which is used for copper.

Speed of Deployment

“Lit San Leandro” can be achieved quickly because a network of underground conduits that already exist in the San Leandro Loop (see our map). This conduit provides a significant cost advantage and elimination of a major disruption because street excavation and conduit installation are not required.

The proposed Phase I (already in process) proposes to use space within the existing underground conduits to complete a continuous “fiber ring” around San Leandro. It requires the addition of a new fiber optic cable with at least 288 strands.

There are many existing properties and land adjacent to this loop. These areas are precisely the locations where the City has a development strategy in place to attract investment. Once installed, properties within San Leandro for the first time will have access to unparalleled connectivity and broadband capacity that is needed by companies today and in the future. Phase II of the project will be to light up the fiber as industries are attracted to the Lit San Leandro project. The initial target will be the industrial area of San Leandro which has convenient access to the Lit San Leandro project.

How is the Fiber Loop connected to the Internet?

We began construction in 2012 of a private broadband fiber optic cable network along an 11-mile loop around the city that would serve the city’s industrial and commercial areas with dark fibers. This loop is connected to telecoms, long haul carriers and data centers regionally.

In order to increase to value of the City of San Leandro’s fiber ring, Lit San Leandro has funded the addition of a vault to allow the connection of this ring to the Internet backbone. This will provide fiber access to various sites including the Digital Realty Trust (DRT) data centers in Jack London Square and San Francisco. These data centers offer not only space for user racks but are the confluence of over 20 carriers and service providers.

Businesses in San Leandro have direct fiber connection to most long haul carriers (e.g. Level 3), telecom suppliers, and dark fiber. Accessing multiple carriers is critical and, using connections from other data center hubs, people connected to Lit San Leandro can get to all of these at minimal monthly charges. These carriers and dark fiber users can connect San Leandro businesses to the external world at extremely high data rates.