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A Modern-Day Challenge

Gigabits and Water

We spoke with David Stoops, Operations and Maintenance Manager at the East Bay Dischargers Authority, about why they recently connected to the San Leandro Fiber Loop. What’s the East Bay Dischargers Authority? The East Bay Dischargers Authority provides for the “more efficient disposal of wastewater produced in each Member Agency, all to the economic and […]

Gigabit Internet Connections and Property Values

Motherboard’s article, Gigabit Internet Connections Make Property Values Rise, helps strengthen the ties between gigabit Internet and rising property values. It isn’t just about starting with a good neighborhood (though that certainly helps). When families go to buy a new home, they’re most often looking for a couple things: Good schools, a safe neighborhood, maybe […]

Lit San Leandro and OSIsoft Recognized by Schools

We received thanks and recognition from the San Leandro Unified School District and Board of Education! Jim Morrison, Lit San Leandro Chief Executive Officer; Dr. Patrick Kennedy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, and Mike Kennedy, OSIsoft, received plaques from the Superintendent and Board of Education in recognition of their partnership generous donation to provide SLUSD […]

Zero Net Energy and the Golden Spike

We are thrilled to be part of Zero Net Energy Center’s “Two Momentous Occasions” on November 6th. The first is the Center’s one-year milestone. Congratulations to a hard working team of people! The second occasion is driving a virtual Golden Spike to complete Lit San Leandro’s Fiber Optic Expansion. Congratulations to everyone in the City […]

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