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Fiber Works with Exponential Growth

The Pots and Pans blog article, The Law of Accelerating Returns, points out: … The FCC recently set the new definition of broadband at 25 Mbps. When I look around at the demand in the world today at how households use broadband services, this feels about right. But at the same time, the FCC has […]

Learning from Seoul

The New York Times recently ran a story, What Silicon Valley Can Learn From Seoul, that starts out: South Korean companies are building software for smartphones that’s chaotic, multifunctional and exciting — everything that American apps aren’t. Like most young people in the Bay Area, Mike Kim grew up believing that the future of technology […]

Property Developers Light Up About Fiber

In a Government Technology post, High-Speed Internet as Important as Plumbing, Developers Say, author Ely Portillo states, Ultra-high speed Internet such as Google Fiber still seems a bit fantastical to many people, but developers and real estate professionals say they can’t afford not to integrate the fastest speeds into new buildings any more than they […]

How Fast is Fiber?

Forbes offers an insightful answer to the question What Is The Ultimate Speed Limit For Broadband Internet? The short answer is NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE, AND EVERY GUESS IS WRONG There are three components that go into this: terminal bandwidth capacity of optical fiber, ability to route packets at ultra-high speeds, and economics. Let’s […]

The Gate is #1, We Serve Top Two

The San Francisco Business Times just announced their top five East Bay Incubators and Accelerators. Congratulations to The Gate, in first place! Also of note: SkyDeck in Berkeley, in second place. Lit San Leandro provides fiber service to both locations. Yes, there is a connection between being a top-ranking business space and the fastest access […]

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