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How Fast is Fiber?

Forbes offers an insightful answer to the question What Is The Ultimate Speed Limit For Broadband Internet? The short answer is NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE, AND EVERY GUESS IS WRONG There are three components that go into this: terminal bandwidth capacity of optical fiber, ability to route packets at ultra-high speeds, and economics. Let’s […]

The Gate is #1, We Serve Top Two

The San Francisco Business Times just announced their top five East Bay Incubators and Accelerators. Congratulations to The Gate, in first place! Also of note: SkyDeck in Berkeley, in second place. Lit San Leandro provides fiber service to both locations. Yes, there is a connection between being a top-ranking business space and the fastest access […]

Wi-Fi Downtown

Outstanding news from the City of San Leandro: At the March 16th City Council meeting, Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter and the San Leandro City Council unanimously authorized the design and implementation of a new publically accessible Wi-Fi system that will provide free wireless internet access in San Leandro’s downtown core. The new system will be […]

Old San Leandro Auto Assembly Plant Reborn As Tech Hub

CBS SF Bay Area reporter Don Ford discovers San Leandro. “With an immense space, proximity to airport, BART and the freeway, and high-speed Internet, a former auto plant in San Leandro is attracting high-tech workers from across the bay.” (Video starts with a commercial.)

Fiber Coming to the Schools

Inside Bay Area News’ story, San Leandro schools connecting to high-speed Internet fiber optic loop, highlights the changes coming to our local schools over the next year and a half. The San Leandro High School class relies on the Internet to share documents for group projects and research, but this day the connection was dragging. […]

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