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Big Bets in Uncertain Times

Many of us in the pre-millenial generations have witnessed, with first-hand amazement, the great educational promises and the social and economic opportunities that early television offered us. Then we watched (with sadness in most cases) those promises and opportunities slowly fade into the tightly controlled, advertising-based, “we are the product, not the customer” communications platform […]

Silicon Valley Indicators

A fascinating new site just appeared on our radar: Silicon Valley Indicators, created by Joint Venture Silicon Valley. They’ve been creating the annual Silicon Valley Index, telling the story about the Valley’s strength of their economy and health of their community since 1995. The Indicators site offers a wide range of data that is behind […]

We’re On To Something

The term “dark fiber” refers to fiber optic cable that is not yet “lit”–it doesn’t have Internet service working on it yet. You might think of dark fiber like electric wires before power is turned on. Or like plumbing: it’s the pipe before the water is turned on; or perhaps a road before many kinds […]

A Modern-Day Challenge

Gigabits and Water

We spoke with David Stoops, Operations and Maintenance Manager at the East Bay Dischargers Authority, about why they recently connected to the San Leandro Fiber Loop. What’s the East Bay Dischargers Authority? The East Bay Dischargers Authority provides for the “more efficient disposal of wastewater produced in each Member Agency, all to the economic and […]

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