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The fastest Internet connection you can find. Anywhere.

In today’s innovation economy, success is measured by the speed in which ideas and information can be transferred–across the country or around the world. The San Francisco Bay Area is renowned as a high-tech hub. Now, the City of San Leandro is introducing a game-changer for the whole region: a state-of-the-art fiber optic loop that offers speeds that are thousands of times faster than the average U.S. Internet connection.

How fast is Lit San Leandro?
The bandwidth capacity of fiber is almost limitless, currently offering upload and download speeds up to 10Gbits per second. We have plans to increase our network speed as our needs grow. See our Speed Chart for comparisons with “broadband” and other services.
Who is behind this project?
Lit San Leandro is a public-private partnership between the City of San Leandro and Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy. The City is providing nearly 20 miles of underground conduit and Dr. Kennedy is funding the installation of the fiber optic cable and routing capabilities.
How can my business take advantage of this opportunity?
The San Leandro fiber loop serves many business districts. You can connect via our Internet service provider partners, or if your business has high data needs, you may choose to lease “dark fiber” and provide your own Internet services. If you’d like more information, let’s talk. Tell us how to contact you, where you are, and what you’re looking for.
What does this mean for San Leandro?
Broadband has become basic infrastructure for economic development. Businesses in almost every industry are dependent on the Internet for efficient communications and data management. Cities with exemplary connections speeds have a strong competitive advantage in attracting and supporting data intensive and high-tech businesses. San Leandro is poised to capitalize on its manufacturing legacy by become a hub for advanced manufacturing, medical research, graphic arts, and software development. World-class connection speeds will also make San Leandro a hotbed of innovation, cultivating and growing the industries of the future.
What about residential service?
At this time, we do not offer residential service. The challenges that we would need to address before we can offer residential service are three-fold:

  • Local Need: Not all of our City’s residents have Internet now. Many don’t want Internet into their homes, much less fast Internet.
  • Funding challenges: Lit San Leandro is a small project with a limited and narrowly scoped budget. There are miles of houses to cover, and each one will need special connections from the loop to the house. Construction costs can be substantial, and Wi-Fi is not an option at this time.
  • No video package: The truth is our service is of less value to residents if we don’t offer a video package like cable TV. With our focus on businesses, video packages are not a priority at this time, and are not in our budget.

We have a mailing list for residents who want to be notified if our situation changes. You’re welcome to sign up here.

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