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We offer state-of-the-art fiber-optic internet connections to businesses that work as fast as you do.

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The bandwidth of fiber is almost limitless, offering download speeds of up to 100Gbits/sec.


We offer termed and temporary service to make efficient networks that increase revenue and productivity.


Private, dedicated, and secure service makes it convenient for businesses to get on the speed of fiber.


The future outlook of the internet is heavily reliant on fiber. Programs require more bandwidth to run.

We Work with Local Companies to Provide Premium Local Service

Lit San Leandro and San Leandro Dark Fiber LLC comprise the partnership that work with the City of San Leandro to create the Fiber Loop. San Leandro Dark Fiber owns the fiber optic cable that runs through the City’s underground conduit. Lit San Leandro owns and operates the switch and routing facilities that bring lightning-fast Internet service to our community.

Customer Stories

Our space contains a demo room, virtual reality, and drone designing, which are all content-heavy devices. Having a gigabit connection is vitally important. Lit San Leandro’s hightech speed shows cases efficiently and at its best.
Derick, Founder of Pilot City
There is a big difference between simply being on the internet and being on fiber. Once you are on fiber, you wonder how you ever survivied before.
Nicholas, San Leandro Dark Fiber