San Leandro, CA

Free Wi-Fi Downtown

Free Wi-Fi Downtown

Remember that post from last March, in which the City Council approved funds for Wi-Fi downtown? It’s here! Coverage is all around the Pelton Center and along Parrott St. between E. 14th St. and Washington Avenue.

Downtown Wi-Fi coverage (map)

Green Area is where Wi-Fi service is available.

Two people working downtown

Photo credit: Larry Allphin, Allphin Jewelers

We’re proud of the City for implementing this. Join us next Wednesday, 29 July, at 6pm when the service officially goes live at the Ceremony to Take Place at Downtown Farmers’ Market:

San Leandro’s new publically accessible Wi-Fi system is set to go live on Wednesday July 29th.  To celebrate the occasion, Mayor Cutter and officials from City Hall will hold a ceremony at the Downtown San Leandro Farmers’ Market at 6:00 pm that day.  The new system will be connected to City-owned fibers contained within the Lit San Leandro fiber optic network, providing free wireless internet access in San Leandro’s downtown core at some of fastest speeds available anywhere in the Bay Area.

The Downtown area joins the Libraries as hubs for free public Internet access. The City Council members might like to hear why this is important for you.