ALERT: 5/17/2018 10:00am.

Our Lit San Leandro fiber network has been up and running for seven years now. Yesterday afternoon, we experienced our first major fiber cut.

The sidewalk was marked accordingly showing that there was fiber below, but a contractor was jackhammering concrete and went right through our LSL fiber conduit as well as the city’s. This took down about 2/3 of our fiber and wireless connected customers in San Leandro.

A technician was on site within 15 minutes to begin the restoration process.

Phase 3 Communications quickly sent for a restoration crew and repaired the conduit and spliced 288 new fibers, getting all customers back up.

Thank you Phase 3 for your quick response. We apologize to our customers who were affected by this outage. Cuts happen, and we are just thankful for the quick responses of our crews so that when this cut did occur, we were on it from the beginning.

Lit San Leandro Team