Our Story

Lit San Leandro exists to offer state-of-the-art fiber-optic internet connections to businesses that work as fast as they do.

Like you, we were frustrated by slow internet connections. So in 2012, San Leandro Dark Fiber LLC pulled a fiber optic loop to support the business community here in San Leandro and its economic development.

Lit San Leandro, LLCowns and operates the network that brings lightning-fast internet access to our business community.

We are committed to creating affordable options so every business can experience reliable and fast internet. Businesses can be confident that the internet will work and it will be fast.


Founded 2010

Dr. Pat Kennedy, owner of local software company OSIsoft, founded Lit San Leandro in 2010.

First Customer


As founder of OSIsoft, Dr. Pat Kennedy decided to light up his company with the speed of fiber.

Expansion Loop

Completed in 2014

Lit San Leandro’s expansion loop finished in 2014 and extended our dark fiber highway significantly.


63 Laterals

We have 63 laterals off of our fiber optic network, which is more than the city of San Jose.

Community Impact


SLUSD Schools Lit


Local Buildings Lit


Miles of Fiber in San Leandro


Local Business Partners

Meet the Team

Pat KennedyFounder

Lit San Leandro was created by the founder and CEO of local software company OSIsoft, which has grown from a small software startup in 1980 to a highly profitable global corporation.

Kathy OttersonGeneral Manager

Kathy Otterson has been our general manager here at Lit San Leandro for the past two years. Previously, she worked as a marketing program manager at OSIsoft.

Birgit KuchenCFO

Birgit has many years of experience in the financial field. She brings her vast knowledge and experienceas CFO of Lit San Leandro.

Rene CamposDirector of Operations

With over 26 years of experience in the telecom industry, Rene manages the physical plant, fiber splicing, design, and maintenance for Lit San Leandro’s and San Leandro Dark Fiber.

Sheila SoloDirector of Sales

Sheila brings over 10 years of experience in the Telecom industry to manage Lit San Leandro’s sales and account management.

Nicholas RaberProgram Manager

Nicholas leads our marketing efforts and supports our operations team through maintaining our network’s GIS and creating a monitoring system for our network.