San Leandro, CA

Author: nicholas

Smart City – San Francisco

Here is an interesting article about San Francisco’s city-wide fiber loop and their city’s pledge to bring fiber to every building. This would be the first American city to treat internet as a utility similar to water and electric. I wonder if San Leandro will follow as a smart city.

What is a Dark Fiber network?

The term ‘dark’ fiber means, simply put, unused fibers in the fiber-optic cable. When an unused fiber become activated, it is referred to as a ‘lit’ fiber. San Leandro Dark Fiber owns the physical fiber asset in the ground, and Lit San Leandro uses and maintains that fiber. All fiber is dark until it is lit.…
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fiber sending data at speed of light

4 Benefits of Fiber for Your Business

Fiber-optic cable provides businesses with an opportunity to experience less frustration interacting with web and cloud applications, upload and download times, and general internet use. Installing fiber means experiencing the internet working as fast as you do. Here are 5 benefits of fiber for your business:   1. Bandwidth Businesses today require a high amount of…
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