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ALERT: 5/17/2018 10:00am. Our Lit San Leandro fiber network has been up and running for seven years now. Yesterday afternoon, we experienced our first major fiber cut. The sidewalk was marked accordingly showing that there was fiber below, but a contractor was jackhammering concrete and went right through our LSL fiber conduit as well [...]

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A City’s Data

The New York Times had a thought-provoking piece called Cities to Untangle Traffic Snarls, With Help From Alphabet Unit. The story noted that the Transportation Department announced the seven finalist Cities, including our neighbor San Francisco. Our own San Leandro, as most cities these days, are part of the evolution of what it means [...]

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Regulation’s Forked Path into the Future

Brookings' TechTank offers a thoughtful piece, Mobile broadband regulation and net neutrality: One network or two? that highlights one of the biggest challenges in evolving communications policy: whether the old public switched telephone network and the Internet are parallel systems or parts of a larger ubiquitous network environment. Recently a the three-judge panel considered [...]

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Doing More with Less?

How does it work that we will do more with less? The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA, Dept. of Commerce) published a report noting that the Majority of Americans Use Multiple Internet-connected Devices, Data Shows. From their blog post (with several nice graphs), In just a two-year span, between 2011 and 2013, Americans significantly shifted [...]

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San Leandro’s Digital Cities Award for Technological Innovation

Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter and the San Leandro City Council announced that the City’s Information Technology Division has been honored with a national award from the Center for Digital Government. This annual survey recognizes leading examples of U.S. cities that use technology to improve services and boost efficiencies. San Leandro was selected because of [...]

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Ammon’s Fiber to the Home Program

Another fascinating podcast from Community Broadband Networks: Ammon, Idaho, continues to quietly build a future-looking open access fiber network. Though the City won't be providing services directly to subscribers, the network it is building and the model it has created could revolutionize public safety. There are two podcasts and more in the Ammon story. The first [...]

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Redefining TV

Residential customers ask if or when we'll reach into the neighborhoods. It's a long way off, given the small size of our organization. Meanwhile, technology continues its pace forward with more reasons to have faster access and questions about how today's business models will evolve in the future. First, What's up with 4K Video? helps [...]

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Why Community Broadband is Important

Industry analyst and colleague Craig Settles offers his personal perspective on why community broadband is important. When someone suffers a stroke [as Craig did in late January], they have three hours to get serious treatment or they often will not recover from its debilitating effects. I was lucky, but a person living alone in a [...]

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Open Access Networks

Community Broadband Networks' Podcast 172 is on Open Access Engineering Options, a slightly technical but interesting discussion on being a service provider. From the program description: The holy grail of Internet access for many of us continues to be a situation in which multiple providers can compete on a level playing field, which should lower costs [...]

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State-Level Broadband Policy

The Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy published a great "compendium of resources and approaches" to developing a state-level broadband policy. It starts with the basics: Why Broadband Policy Matters, then goes comprehensively through Elements of a Good Broadband Policy, ending with Conclusions.

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