Get Connected.

Having access to gigabit service redefines efficient communications with the rest of the world, and what that enables for your business. The ability to quickly upload and share files with others is crucial to marketing, education, and workflow.

No matter what reason you have for empowering your business with efficient information flow, we’d love to help you. Why wait?

How To Get Fiber To Your Office

We can help connect your business to the fiber loop by extending the fiber into your building or campus. Using fiber optic cable for internet is more reliable and secure, but often requires some construction. Upgrading your building(s) to enable fiber optic communications capabilities is a very reasonable capital improvement, especially for buildings that are along the path of the loop, or into nearby business neighborhoods where the cost of deployment can be shared.


The first step in getting connected is to contact us. We will walk you through the next steps from here.


We will then discuss your service options and give you a quote to help you determine how you want to proceed.


Unless your building is already connected to our fiber, there will be some construction needed to get our fiber to you.


Our Internet Service Provider of your choice will connect you with service, and your business is now lit.

Not Near the Loop?

It may be possible to connect your business via a wireless connection to our fiber loop.

This is very different from using a shared neighborhood Wi-Fi access point in that it doesn’t rely on someone else for security and reliability. Gigabit via wireless is much, much faster for sending and receiving big files.

Our Internet Service Provider Partners offer different services and prices for Gigabit service. They will need to do a site survey to determine how they will provide reliable service.

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